Bitcoindevkit Android
Demo Wallet

The Android Bitcoindevkit Demo Wallet (we're calling it the Devkit Wallet for short) is a simple testnet Bitcoin wallet built as a reference app for the bitcoindevkit on Android. It is purposely lean on Android-specific bells and whistles in order to keep the focus on bitcoin fundamentals and the bitcoindevkit API.

The repository is built to help newcomers to the bitcoindevkit by layering complexity slowly while not bloating the codebase with too much UI polish.

The repository works in the following way: multiple app are maintained in parallel, each of them focusing on showcasing different levels of integration between the bitcoin development kit and the applications.

  1. The ui-only app showcases the basic design and UI without any functionality.
  2. The simple-wallet app showcases a simple bitcoin wallet which implements the core functionality one would expect from a wallet: create addresses, send, receive, display transaction history, and wallet recovery.
  3. The advanced-features app showcases some of the more advanced features of the bitcoin development kit library, like sending to multiple recipients, replace-by-fee (BIP125), custom Electrum server, and creating OP_RETURN outputs.
  4. The kpm apps showcase how to build Android and iOS apps using the same codebase and sharing common code for bitcoin-related logic while writing the user interface in the native languages (Kotlin for Android and Swift for iOS).

Each of those apps has a documentation page associated with it, accessible with the navbar above.