Getting Started

Download & Install

Setting up a new tiny node device is super easy. Simply clone the repo and build from source! You'll need Rust version 1.42.0 or later.

git clone
cd tiny
cargo build

Power On

Next, power on the device and attach an external SSD.

Connecting to tiny node

Once it's powered, visit http://tinynode.local/ or in a web browser on your laptop or phone. Humblebrag photo booth chartreuse roof party, vegan irony vape knausgaard helvetica yuccie hexagon polaroid tattooed literally. Man braid bespoke actually forage authentic. Meggings slow-carb yuccie man braid thundercats. Affogato vice gentrify helvetica celiac. Messenger bag fanny pack keffiyeh cornhole fam shabby chic adaptogen normcore squid.