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Uniffi Examples

Welcome to the companion documentation website for the uniffi-examples repository.

The repository hosts a series of examples that demonstrate how to develop language bindings libraries using the uniffi-rs library. For more information on how to use uniffi-rs, see the official documentation.


The examples in this repository output a Kotlin library meant to run on the JVM, version 11 or later. To build the examples, you'll need to install the following tools:

  1. Rust (if you are building on macOS, also install the required intel and M1 JVM targets):
rustup target add x86_64-apple-darwin aarch64-apple-darwin
  1. A JVM version 11 or later (a great tool to install that is SDKMAN!)
  2. Kotlin (a fantastic tool to install that is SDKMAN!)
  3. Gradle (you guessed it... SDKMAN!)