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This website is the companion to the uniffi-examples GitHub repository, which hosts a series of examples that demonstrate how to develop language bindings libraries using the uniffi-rs library, a tool created and maintained by Mozilla. For more information on the internals of uniffi-rs as well as how to use it, see the official documentation.

To learn how to expose Rust code using the examples, the most important files are located in the calendar-ffi/src/ directories. The calendar-ffi/src/ file contains the Rust code that is exposed to the other languages. The calendar-ffi/src/calendar.udl file contains the API definition used by uniffi-rs to generate the bindings.

To see how to leverage the resulting libraries, explore and play with the tests written in Kotlin in the calendar-kotlin/lib/src/test/kotlin/org/examples/calendar/CalendarTest.kt files.

Build the examples and run the tests

You can build the libraries and run the tests using directory-specific variations of the following commands:

git clone
cd ./uniffi-examples/
cd ./1-functions/calendar-kotlin/
./gradlew buildKotlinLib
./gradlew test